Elevate Yourself to A Whole New Being

For this meditation we’ll be moving through several feeling states in order to entrain your emotional body to higher vibrational state of being. By activating and practicing these powerful states consciously - you’re creating momentum with them and literally activating new genes in response to these elevated emotions*!

The more time you spend in these high vibrations the more they simply become a part of who you are and how you move through the world. 

And the best part is, as you practice emotions like feeling whole and vibrantly alive - you will begin to attract more exciting and uplifting people and experiences that match those states everywhere you go!

Remember: who you are at your very core is limitless, expansive, pure unbounded being. 

You are not your past, you are not your current circumstances, you can be whoever you want to be! You just need to practice the state of being you want to exist in, and before you know it - you will be new in this world. 

*This meditation is inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza’s wonderful meditation: Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind

NEW YOU (2).png