Sacred Sounds: "Ahhh" Manifestation Meditation

This meditation is inspired by a writing course I took in 2016 with Spiritual Teacher Wayne Dyer (where he led us through a similar practice 🙏🏻) and it’s been incredibly powerful in my own life!

Chanting sacred sounds such as “Om” and “Ah” is a wonderful way to centre your energy and harmonize with the Universe.

By practicing the "ahhh" sound you're tuning your frequency to the primordial sound of the Universe and opening your heart and throat chakra. In doing so, you're increasing your ability to express yourself and your love freely and honestly in all areas of your life 💞

"Ahhh" is a powerful sound for manifesting. And for this meditation we will be using it to call your desires to you.

Special Note: We will be making audible sound in this mediation 🎵 When I first began this practice, I found myself feeling quite self conscious, only doing it when I was home alone. But I highly encourage you to do it even if someone else IS home - provided they’re not sleeping… and let it be an opportunity release any fear or nervousness about other people’s opinions! It’s a form of surrender that will serve you in every area of your life.

With Love,


Sacred Sounds Manifestation Meditation
Sacred Sounds Meditation