8-Minute Emotion Meditation: A Light Heart

Emotion Meditations are created to help you cultivate a specific emotion in your mind and body, and as a result: in your everyday life experience!

Emotions create the tone and colour of our experience and not only that - emotions are the magnetizing power behind our experience.

Most of us let our emotions come in response to what we’re experiencing or thinking about at any given moment. This is reactionary living since you are letting your emotions and actions come in response to what’s happening outside of you. Because of this, the world around you controls how you feel.

Fortunately, this feedback loop of experience and emotion, cause and effect, works both ways! 

And you can use this feedback loop to your advantage by deliberately cultivating an emotion within yourself and letting your experience shift and respond to you instead!

By consciously generating a certain emotion it becomes a more consistent tone in your life and you begin to attract experience, people, and opportunities that match that energy. 

Today we’ll be cultivating a light heart.

Like warm sunshine shining from within, a light heart is a sense of feeling so whole and happy to be alive, like the world is your oyster and anything is possible!

Guided Meditation to Cultivate A Light Heart
Inner Sunshine Meditation