17-Minute Daily Living Meditation for CONFIDENCE!

If you’re new to daily living meditations, these meditations are designed to be listened to on-the-go, rather than seated in silence! You can listen while you’re, driving, cooking, working, reading, walking, working out … whenever! Their purpose is to anchor new habits and practices into your daily life experience, taking your meditation practice beyond the moments of silence spent with your eyes closed.

Know that confidence is yours to claim.

It’s not something reserved for a select-few. You are the creator of your reality and more than that you are the creator of YOU. If you want to feel powerful, to be confident and live boldly then hold the vision of yourself being this, and anchor it into your reality by really FEELING IT in every cell of your body.

Thank-you, Aimee, for requesting this meditation 💓

17-Minute Meditation for Generating Confidence
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