15-Minute Daily Living Meditation: Soften

Daily Living Meditations are unique in that they are meant to be listened to on-the-go rather than seated in silence. You can listen while you’re, driving, cooking, working, reading, working out, whenever! Their purpose is to anchor new habits and practices into your daily life experience, rather than only during the time when you meditate.

The Purpose of Today’s Mediation: Releasing tension from the body and mind by consciously taking a moment to breathe and soften.

If you think of your body like an energy circuit, tension, stress and resistance to life slows the flow and makes it more challenging for your body to run its naturally restorative processes with ease.

By taking a moment to soften, relax, and release tension, both mentally and physically - you’re allowing your body to return to its natural state of flow and vibrant health. 🌟

15-Minute Daily Living Meditation: Soften
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