15-Minute Daily Living Meditation: Cultivating Emotional Awareness

If you’re new to daily living meditations, these meditations are unique in that they are meant to be listened to on-the-go rather than seated in silence. You can listen while you’re, driving, cooking, working, reading, working out, whenever! Their purpose is to anchor new habits and practices into your daily life experience, rather than only during the time when you meditate.

The Purpose of Today’s Mediation: Cultivating emotional awareness! 

Emotions are the most powerful messengers from our intuition. They are not mistakes and they’re not random.

Our emotions and felt sensations continuously guide us towards a higher state of thriving and love.

This is a powerful practice for not only getting to know your true self more deeply, but also as a pathway for healing emotional trauma.

When you pay closer attention how you feel, you’ll be able to tune into what authentically feels good to you and what does not. 

I’ll be honest, it can be painful to really face ourselves honestly. But know that by doing so you are opening a gateway to greater freedom, peace, and ultimately a more fulfilling life!

Enjoy! 💓

Daily Living Meditation || Cultivating Emotional Awareness
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