15-Minute Daily Living Meditation: Hold the Vision

Welcome to this 15-Minute Daily Living Meditation!

If you’re new to daily living meditations, these meditations are unique in that they are meant to be listened to on-the-go rather than seated in silence. You can listen while you’re, driving, cooking, working, reading, working out whatever! Their purpose is to anchor new habits and practices into your daily life experience, rather than only when you meditate.

The Purpose of Today’s Mediation:

focusing upon your vision in order to become a vibrational match to what you desire.

If the idea of having a vision for your life is new to you, feel free to do one of these meditations FIRST in order to form a clearer picture of your vision:

  1. Tune- In to Your Authentic Desires: Guided Meditation

  2. Create a Vision for Yourself: Guided Meditation

  3. Imagineering 2019: Guided Visualization

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