10-Minute Nature Sound Meditation for Training Concentration

Hello beautiful human!

Since I’m still getting over a cold, today’s meditation is a little bit different than usual - in that it has a simple set of instructions instead of guidance. AKA no talking! The process listed below is actually how I meditate most days! So you’re getting a sneak peak into my daily meditation practice :)

Today’s meditation is all about CONCENTRATION and this meditation in particular is aimed at increasing your ability to concentrate and training your brain to hold a single point of focus.

The power to direct our focus is so important, especially during our particular day and age where in every moment there is a huge influx of information and stimuli entering our awareness, calling for our attention.

Without concentration, the mind is carried away by the current of one thought to the next, one emotion to the next, with very little control or creative license.

But by training your mind to hold a single point of focus - you strengthen your ability to concentrate and therefore discern which way you would like your attention (and energy) to flow.

And this is true power.


  1. Find somewhere comfortable and quiet to sit where you feel relaxed.

  2. Come to a seated position, legs crossed or feet planted firmly on the ground and bring your hands to rest in your lap.

  3. Press play on the nature soundtrack below! Intend to keep the volume as low as possible while still being able to hear each sound clearly.

  4. Begin by centering yourself through taking three deep belly breaths, allowing your lungs to expand fully…. pausing at the top ….. and exhaling with a sigh “ahhhhh” - feeling your whole body relax and soften.

  5. Relax your mind and start to notice the background sounds of the forest.

  6. See if you can isolate the sound of the running water.

  7. Now, notice the different components of the water’s sound; the liveliness of the bubbling brook, the gentle trickling of the stream, and the soft “ssshhhhhhhh” of the background wash. All the different tones, and rhythms within it. Pause here as you listen.

  8. Now, hold the spaciousness of your mind as you direct your focus softly upon the sound of the background wash, the “shhhhhh” in the background - keeping your attention lightly but steadily upon it.

  9. Every time your mind wanders, return your focus to this sound, feeling the spaciousness of it, and letting your mind rest upon it.

  10. You may have to repeat this process every three seconds. But every single time you become aware that your attention has wandered and you return your focus to the sound of the water - you have strengthened your concentration.

Above all, release yourself from judgement. By the end of this meditation, you may feel like you were barely able to focus at all, but I promise you have made progress and strengthened your ability to focus.

The results of increasing your concentration are truly priceless and the more you practice, the easier and easier it’ll become. Soon enough, you’ll be able to drop into a state of “no-mindedness” in a few breaths and hold yourself there as long as you choose to do so.

Nature Music by: Calmsound

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10-Minute Guided Meditation for Practicing Concentration
10-Minute Guided Meditation for Practicing Concentration