The Secret to Making Your Dreams Come True ... TODAY

You know all those things you’ve been dreaming of? That EPIC life you’ve envisioned for yourself?

I’m here to tell you: it starts today.

Why? How do I know this?


A) It’s time

B) you deserve it, and 

C) today you’re going to take the first step (no matter how tiny!)

You want to be a writer?

Well today you’re going to write one page. It can be a story, an inner dialogue, a comedic take on a grocery list, a mood or a scene, how you feel. I DON’T CARE. TODAY YOU’RE GOING TO WRITE GOSH DARNIT.

You want to be a photographer?

Take your phone outside, go for a walk, snap beauty everywhere you see it. Edit your photos in the free Lightroom app, play around with the colours, make one black and white - have fun with it!

What to be a fit person?

Today you’re going to do an activity you’ve been meaning to try for AGES. Ariel yoga, kick boxing, tai chi, trampoline parkour. Don’t just set up a plan to take a class - do it today. Even if you just do a youtube class and use your imagination. Put on those sneaks or that tutu and jussss dooo ettttt. 

You want to be healthy?

Go to Pinterest or youtube/google meal prep and find a plant-focused recipe like one of THESE. Then hit the grocery store, and MAKE IT. When you eat it, make sure to thank yourself (and the Earth!) for your commitment to health with every bite you take. 

You want to be an artist!?

Pick your favourite medium and make something! Maybe a collage or a painting. If you don’t have paints, head straight to the dollar store or craft store - or use fruits and veggies as pigments. The only limit, truly, the only limit is your imagination! Heck, you can even move your furniture around in a more inspired way or put together a really creative outfit or makeup look.

Art is infinite.

Essentially, whatever that thing you SO DESPERATELY WANT TO BE, DO or HAVE is:

Think of one small action you can take right now towards making a REAL part of your life!


Ok, now go do it.

I can wait all dayyyyyyyy by the way.

*leans back into chair, closes eyes, but keeps one half open to make sure you do-that-thing-you-want-to-do-that-will-get-you-closer-to-your-dreams*


Ok so now that you’re doing/have done/are very much about to do that thing you’ve been meaning to do


Don’t judge your efforts. not. even. a. little. They may feel inconsequential. Your results may be less that impressive. You may feel jaded or disheartened.

But the truth is: no one starts out excellent! You have to be a beginner to get better.

So Instead of criticizing yourself or quitting:

Sing your own praises to high heaven because you DID IT! You took a step. You’ve begun to embody the person that you so desire to be. That’s big, that’s REALLY big.

When you look back from your best seller, with your killer bod, and your happy life -  you’ll realize that that was indeed the biggest thing you ever did: you began.

And that’s all it takes! One little step. Do it again tomorrow, and then the next day too.

Perhaps the day after that as well. Ad infinitum, ideally …

Breathe and infuse the person you want to become into every decision and activity you do.

By next month you’ll barely recognize yourself.

Today is the day, my friend. It really IS now or never.

So DO that good shit today and go make your fucking dreams come true. 


To keep yourself accountable, let me know in the comments below:

  1. What your dream is

  2. What you’re going to do today to make it REAL

One of my dream(s): to create an intuitive garden full of life-giving fruits and vegetables.

Today: I’m planting my nasturtiums (edible flowers) and filming a youtube video to share a new planting technique I’ve learned. (I’m SO excited to share it with you!) 🌻🥰