The Art of Pleasure

The Art of Pleasure ||

What is the Art of Pleasure?

To live in the depths of life. To savour and surrender to the simplest pleasure of this moment’s being.

To dive in and add to the artistry of the woven intricacies seen, unseen, and yet to be.

To be the diviner of joy in the spaciousness and receptivity of n o w . 

The hold the unending awareness of the possibilities latent in every aspect of time - and embody the free license of being of one who knows their own infinite power to Create. 

To choose with a bursting heart to be HERE, to surrender into the sweet sip of pure presence as you plunge fully into its unbounded expression. 

To be with. 

To be in. 

To be of 

the wholeness of an expanded and enriched now by your own incantation, universal collaboration, and enthusiastic participation. 

How To be a curator of pleasure

  1. Stop, be here now.

  2. Breathe.

  3. Look around.

  4. Remember: this is a new moment. Anything can happen. You are the artist here. You are the music that makes this place shake with joy.

  5. Ask: how can I bring more beauty, more life, more majesty into this place, this space, this moment, this body, this being, this mind?

  6. What thoughts will call meadows into being with their beauty?

  7. What movements will make angels sigh in delight?

  8. What new-ness, what fresh life can I thread from heaven to earth and make all things blooms?

  9. How can I be as Love is, here and now?

  10. Live the answers ~

  11. And soak unabashedly, ceaselessly, in the wonder and pleasure of your creation.

The Art of Pleasure || @purelylucy

A few ideas to get you started …

  • Sing your words, rather than speak them.

  • Dance your appreciation for another rather than say it.

  • Close your eyes, select ten ingredients from your fridge and pantry, make something wonderful with them.

  • Think a thought backwards, turn it upside down.

  • Speak in tongues unknown to you that rise up out of your own tribal being.

  • Doodle your current emotional state.

  • Visualize an esteemed guest, entertain them, ask them questions, contemplate their answers.

  • Be wildly, radically, completely YOU in every moment of your existence.