Claim Your Right!

I want to share a practice that I’ve been doing for the past few months that was inspired by a fart (and I’m not even mad about it). Jokes aside, I think this is a powerful practice, that if applied regularly, will create a whole lot more peace in your life! 

I call it: “Claim Your Right.”

This practice is PERFECT for you if you’re the type who gets bumped into and apologizes. Or when something goes wrong around you - you feel you’re either to blame or responsible to fix it. 

And so, if you often find yourself afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing, hurting other people’s feelings, being misunderstood, embarrassed, chastised, or seen as a bad human; read on!

Claim Your Right ||
Claim Your Right! ||

How to Claim Your Right

Whenever you feel yourself:

tensing up,

holding on to a past mistake,

embarrassed, or

being fearful of how others are perceiving you -

take a moment to acknowledge your right to be how you authentically are,

rather than trying to change, apologize, or remedy your behaviour.  

For example …

You fart in yoga class (as mentioned above):

“I claim my right to have bodily functions/be a human being.”

Someone takes what you said the wrong way or gets upset:

“I claim my right to be misunderstood/say the wrong thing.”

Someone honks at you in traffic for cutting them off:

“I claim my right to be a bad driver.”

You want to sing/dance/hug a tree (just me?) in public but you’re worried people might think you’re a little crazy:

“I claim my right to be weird.”

There’s only one Gulab Jamun left (the most DELICIOUS Indian dessert) and you really want it, but your conscience says to be a good human you should offer it to others first:

“I claim my right to be bad.” 😈

You deflect compliments every time you receive them:

“I claim my right to be wonderful.”

You have plans with friends but your body is telling you, you need rest!

“I claim my right to honour myself.”

You get the idea ... 😉  

Important Note

This practice is not about pushing against anyone else and it’s not even about “taking your power back.” Because for the record, your power was never anywhere but where you are!

Claiming your right doesn’t mean you go around being purposefully mean, careless, or selfish. Instead, it’s about giving yourself PERMISSION to be a human - flaws, mistakes, missteps and all. Because it’s OK. Truly. 

Claiming your right is an internal process of softening tension and letting go of tight or fearful thoughts. By doing so, you open yourself up to be fully present and peaceful in the moment.

So go ahead, claim your right! You’re the only one who can give yourself the permission to be you

Claim it. And get on with your free-flowing, beautiful life! 

With Love,