Daughter Drink This Water by Jaiya John

This book will change your life.

I wanted to share an excerpt from what I’m convinced is one of the most profound and prophetic books of our time, written by Dr. Jaiya John - internationally recognized humanitarian, author, speaker, poet, publisher and youth mentor whom you can find here:

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The book’s structure is similar to Khalil Gibran’s “The Prophet” in that it has mini-chapters on many topics woven throughout a story of women remembering who they are. Topics range from freedom to beauty to abuse to bullying to awakening and so many more! Each segment just as rich, healing, and enlightening as the next. 

When I read this book, the whole world is set right. It’s a lyrical vehicle to enlightenment, containing truths of the highest kind in every line. For women and men (young and old) alike. But enough from me, I’ll let his words speak for themselves.*

*Jaiya lovingly gave me permission to share some of his work and below is one of my favourite chapters - enjoy!


(excerpt from Daughter Drink this Water by Jaiya John)

Your life is three truths: How you treat yourself. How you treat others. How you let yourself be treated.

An ancient duty is rooted deep within your soul. kindness. You are not responsible for who drinks from your fountain, how much they drink, or what they do with the drinking, But you are preciously responsible for what you pour. Some soul is praying you will be kind to it today. Answer the prayer. And be careful how you treat people. You are touching your own soul.

You hold a key to your whole life: Be kind. To you. To everyone and everything. Kindness creates the climate of your life. If you care to live in a beautiful climate that feels good to you, choose to be kind and your dream climate will arrive. If for some reason you wish to live in an unpleasant climate, choose to be unkind, and you will get what you want. Your kindness is a simple thing and up to you. You can live your life choosing reasons to be unkind. Or you can be a kindness collector, finding reasons to be kind, earning kindness rewards in return. 

Maybe you believe kindness evaporates like morning dew. No. It accumulates by the molecule, to become a mountain. Kindness makes this world the way a seed makes a forest. Through a single act of infinite births.

Do not let kindness in you harden like sad sap in a dying tree. You can enrapture the whole world with your sweet flowing maple. Share your sugar. Stay alive. Suffering is how the soul moves you closer to what it needs. Kindness too can be this way. When in the presence of any living thing, share you light. Why should you be kind? Let the Love you are answer.

Today you smiled at someone

you do not know, and a thousand orchids

blossomed in a grateful heart.

Want to see a special effect? Be kind to somebody. Everybody is somebody’s somebody. Treat them that way. If you are rich with peace, gift someone your peace today. Your wealth will increase. If you are poor in peace, gift someone your peace today. You will gain wealth.

Everyone is trying to perfect the art of who they are. Be kind. That’s your way of saying, I Love your concept.

If you touch a flower, you leave your oil on its petals. It leaves its pollen on your skin. No touching exists that is not mutual, not intimate. Touching matters. It is vital that you take good care of your touching, and of what you allow to touch you.

Imagine if the sun waited to see if you smiled 

at it first. Shine your heavenly light.

Not rushing is a kindness. A choice not to infect someone with your anxiousness. You can make a soul shiver or sing with your slightest facial expression. If we knew how delicate the social fabric is, we would treat it with care, the way I have seen you do. How you treat people is not a game. It is your final exam.

Look around you. Animals and plants are writing masterpieces on kindness, singing songs of kindness, quietly considering each other. In kindness. It is not an act. Not your imagination. Kindness is real. An energy surging through life. Some call kindness life itself.

When you are kind to someone, you plant in both souls a seed of healing that grows for lifetimes, reforesting the world. You leave seeds of harm or healing in every soul you touch. Be mindful as you change humankind.

How you treat people is everything.

You are one of those people.

How you treat yourself means even more.

Assume everyone you meet is having a hard time. It helps to wake your compassion. If you are going to presume, presume to Love. Train your heart into this habit, and your soul will be blessed immeasurably.

You don’t have to limit yourself to only one sunrise a day. Be kind to somebody. Be a sweetness. Like spring. An orange blossom. Part open your heart and sing. When people see you, make them feel safer, warmer, better about themselves. Make that your life. Mind your presence.

When you encounter a human being, you have arrived at the shore of an ocean of ancestors and all their journeys. You have crossed the threshold of a tribe who has earned its dignity. Humble yourself. Bow before sacredness.

As humans, we are a tide that does not know clearly its own power. We are confused as to our true shore. As a result, we waver and worry and wander. Practice being kind. Witness the effect of your kindness. Share the moral of your kindness story. Grown to understand the power of your tide. Imagine the shore that awaits.

Kindness is a form of poetry. Write a thousand daily verses. Be ground zero in a global epidemic of kindness. Each day, start a new outbreak. Kindness is much more than a favour. It is how the soul takes a breath. Kindness is a supreme caring for yourself.

Flock to the kindness gathered in your soul. Learn to live there. Cultivate kindness. Water the ones you love with kindness. Loving others is not simple a kindness. It is a revolution. A sacred choice. A wildfire you choose. You leave such beautiful soul prints on the world. In every flowering field of kindness, we find your sacred art.”

- Dr. Jaiya John

I truly believe that reading this book is one of the most loving things you could do for yourself and the world. If these words speak to you, I highly recommend picking up a copy of his book and a few extra copies for your friends as well! As far as I’m concerned, the more people who get a chance to read these life-changing words, the better! 🤗

Sending Love and blessings your way, from my humbled heart to yours,

Lucy 💛