The Living Alphabet

A quarter century has past since my first breath in this world. The last 25 years have been nothing short of beautiful and blessed — and I’m so excited for what the next 25 years will hold! Birthdays are always a time of reflection for me, I like to use them as a time to set intentions for the year to come.

I recently came across a beautiful blog post by one of my favourite photographers Gabi Mulder, sharing her “living alphabet” essentially, going through the alphabet and giving a word to each letter that speaks to the aspects that define her at her current age. I enjoyed reading it so much that I thought I’d do the same!

So here is my life at 25. Alphabetized. 


A - Appreciation

I’m learning the power of savouring the moment I’m in more and more. Taking time to appreciate what’s going well really adds a depth and richness to my life that makes my days sweeter and more meaningful.

“The truly rich are those who enjoy what they have.” -Yiddish Proverb



B - Belief

“Our biography becomes our biology.” - Caroline Myss

I’ve been taking a lot of time this past year to really witness and see my beliefs + programs I have running on autopilot. This way I can keep the ones that bring more joy + harmony + love, and release the beliefs that limit or cause suffering. Shifting beliefs is not something that happens overnight, but oh man, is it worth it!



C - Camera

I love this little device that lets me capture the beauty around me. It feels almost like a portal to another world. I can’t wait to keep learning more about photography and videography. 



D - Decisions

Life is a constant series or choices and decisions - and I always want to make the best choice possible. But I'm learning that sometimes you don’t know until you make it, you know? And so I’m trying to be more decisive/actionary and less hesitant/concerned with consequences. To #liveandlearn as they say!



E - Ease

"How can I bring more ease into this moment?" I ask myself. The answer is often the same: by living in harmony with life, not fighting the current, enjoying the flow, moving and living naturally. 



F - Faith

You’ll see it when you believe it. 



G - Gold

Go for gold! I really believe we can all win and not only that, we all must win for it to be a true “win”. Of course, we all get to set our own definition of what it means to win or be successful but setting our sights on the highest vision imaginable for ourselves is our duty and birthright i.e. don’t sell yourself short 🏆 



H - Healthy balance

After being vegan for a year, I went back to eating meat and I feel good. I do aim for low-sugar, dairy-free, gluten-free, mostly plant-based eating because I feel best when I eat this way! But I like the feeling of no labels/restrictions best :)



I -  Imagination

My favourite place to be.



J - Just do it!

That feeling when your standing on the edge of the cliff and you just decide to go for it! I love that moment. Whether that be complimenting a stranger or going skydiving. Sometimes, you gotta "just do it!"



K - Kale

I’m just gonna come out and say it. I love Kale. 



L - Love

Universal love. I’ve felt it before and I truly believe that’s how we're meant to live. Completely and utterly besotted with each other. With everyone we meet, the trees, flowers, our food. It’s who and what we are.



M - Mountain Biking

I’ve had mountain bikes sitting in my garage for YEARS and never thought to go hit the trails until this Spring and I’m in loveeeee. Can’t get enough of it!!! 



N - Now

The living moment. My everything. Every time I tune back into the present, life simplifies and I feel an overwhelming sense of being “home.”



O - Outdoors

Stepping outside, feeling the breeze, looking up at the sky, taking a deep breath, inhaling the warm pine and berry-sweet scent that characterizes where I live. To me, this is what it feels like to be alive, and it’s the most powerful medicine I know.



P - Pinterest

 Just seeing beautiful pictures, quotes, places, people, foods, and ideas puts me in a instant state of happiness. I can’t speak highly enough of this platform and the positive impact it’s had on my life. 



Q - Quiet

Shhhh. I love silence. I love being around my loved ones and not talking, just enjoying their presence. Sooo nice. I made a youtube video about my thoughts on this here. 



R - Reading

I was thinking the other day, there is no version of me in any reality that exists without books. I’ve read more this year than perhaps any year before, and it feels so right. 



S - Slow

In moments when I want to rush, I deliberately go slower, breathe deeper, take a moment of stillness and open my vision up to the broader sense of now. The moments I remember are the ones where I’m really tuned into all my senses, and rushing seems to cut this off. Slow living allows me to live more intentionally and deliberately. I like who I am when I’m moving slowly. 



T - Truth

I’ve realized more than ever this year, that we all have our own set of “truths” based on our experience - and each and every one of them is valid in its own right. Universal truth generally touches on the ineffable - being beyond explanation, needing no defence or affirmation. But the daily, relative truths are ours to create and determine for ourselves. And we need not all agree or find consensus in order to be validated or live in harmony together. 



U - Understood

Lately I’ve been doing my best to release my need to be understood. To be ok with not making sense. Whenever I catch myself changing my words to make more sense or watering things down to be more acceptable, I try and remember to “release my need to be understood.” And it feels like an exhale.



V - Vocation

For years I continued to ask the Universe, “What is my purpose?” and I heard an answer every single time: “to be.” - this used to drive me crazy! I would think, yes, sure, sounds good … and!? But as time has passed this truth has become more real for me. I do believe a big part of my purpose it to “just be” and to teach others how to do the same. 



W - Wholeness

I am the wholeness I seek.



X - Xenophile

Would you believe I had to google words that start with X to find one? But when I read the definition, I have to say, It’s perfect!

A xenophile is: “an individual who is attracted to foreign peoples, manners, or cultures.”

There is so much I want to see and experience in this lifetime. I can’t wait for all the adventures to come. 




My favourite word atm. I think it’s kind of like “YAHOO” and “I’m so happy” or “you’re killing it!” and “Dude, yes!” and I yell it a lot. Maybe too much. 



Z - Zephyr 

(n.) a gentle, mild breeze. It does not disrupt, nor cause chaos, it merely brings a pleasant sensation on a warm summer day.

Is there a better feeling than this? This word just puts me at ease in the same manner as a gentle breeze. I want to be a human Zephyr.

Thank-you for reading and more importantly for being here with me on this miraculous, challenging and wonderful journey called life! 

With Love,