The 30-Minute Mindful Morning Routine!



“How you start your day is how you live your day. How you live your day is how you live your life.” - Louise Hay

I've found having a morning routine in place is ESSENTIAL for me to stay centred, focused, and happy as I move through my day! I've made a video on Youtube about my morning routine that you can watch here, but I wanted to share this fun and quick method (that I found out about from a beautiful yogi called @eveinmotion on Instagram!) for those who feel a bit of a time constraint in the morning but still want to create a mindful morning routine.

"With every rising of the sun, think of your life as just begun."


The 30 Minute Morning Routine

This is a great practice for anyone who is new to creating a morning routine and isn't quite sure where to start! The best part is, it only takes 30 minutes! 

Give it a try for a few mornings, figure out what your non-negotiables are (what makes the biggest positive impact) and then let it be fluid. Mediation and yoga are my non-negotiables and so I try to find a way to do them no matter where I am/how I’m feeling. Life is dynamic and ultimately things go best when we go with the flow. Some days your body might need more movement and stretches, other days a nice long meditation, or maybe you just can’t wait to dive into your book... but that might just be me 😂

Whatever you do, DON'T MAKE THIS ANOTHER TO-DO LIST. Stick to the things that call to you and make you feel better almost "instantly", don't force anything. If you miss a day or 10, don't beat yourself up, just get back in the groove as soon as you can. Move with your excitement and give your body, mind, and spirit what they need. Fill-up until you're overflowing. That way you can go forth into your day, shining brightly with the lightness of your being, benefiting everyone you meet!


~ 7 Minutes of Breathing Meditation

Set a timer for 7 minutes. Let your in-breaths be full and deep as your belly expands. Allow your out-breaths smooth, slow, and soft. If your exhales are longer than your inhales it will be easier for your body to settle, soften and find the meditative state of ease and lightness. 

Guided meditations can also be incredibly helpful. I've created a bunch of short + sweet meditations that you can listen to HERE.


~ 7 Minutes of Light Yoga or Gentle Stretching

Just a few gentle intuitive stretches, really whatever you feel your body needs. Here's a video of how to do a sun salutation. Sun salutations are a way to wake up the whole body in a way that will leave you feeling awake and refreshed.


~ 7 Minutes Reading or Listening to Something Inspiring 

I recommend:


~ 7 Minutes of Free Journalling

  • Make a list of things you appreciate! This is such a powerful practice.

  • Journalling how you're feeling, whatever comes to mind, just getting it out on paper

  • Write down what you expect or desire to accomplish today

  • Write down how you would like to feel as you move through your day (relaxed, focused, inspired, happy to be alive, whatever!)


Other Beneficial Practices:

  • Drinking a big glass of lemon water first thing

  • Having a cup of warm herbal tea or bone broth

  • Stepping outside for a few moments to breath in the fresh air and say hello to the new day

  • Choosing to trust that everything is working out for your benefit today and that the Universe has your back!

  • Waiting until after breakfast to look at phones/computers/social media

  • Starting your breakfast with a piece of fresh fruit

  • Doing a few light exercises to start getting the blood/energy streams moving and flowing through your body with ease. Not much is necessary, 5-10 squats, pushups or jumping jacks usually does the trick to get your CHI moving.

  • Dancing is always recommended.

  • Looking at yourself in the mirror and stating 1- ∞ things you like/love about yourself, finishing off with “I love you and wish you a beautiful day!”


“Every day is a new beginning, take a deep breath and start again.”


May your mornings be beautiful and your days be bright!