11 Inspiring Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow! ✨

Social media is a powerful tool. One that has the ability to inspire us to tap into our truth and live our dreams!


"With great power comes great responsibility." - Ben Parker (Spiderman)


With all tools, what's key is how you choose to use it. Are you using Instagram to be inspired? To be entertained? To pass time? Get clear on your reasons and check-in with how well your feed aligns with them. You get to decide how you use it, when you use it, and who you follow. Be discerning. Look to accounts and people that expand you and do your best to unfollow anything that consistently leaves you feeling contracted or "down". This way, your feed will become a source of inspiration and upliftment rather than mindless scrolling and negativity.


I generally don't go on Instagram when I'm feeling down on myself or critical since I know it'll likely magnify those feelings. But when I'm feeling light-hearted or relaxed, Instagram really serves to activate my inspiration juices and gets me excited to create, adventure, and enjoy every moment of this beautiful life! 


I follow a lot of amazing people and I wanted to share a few of them with you guys! ✨


{Just click on the name or image to be taken to their account}


1. @thugunicorn 

Tanya Markul writes poetry and personal manifestos that inspire and empower.


2. @lalahdelia

The tools and wisdom to live a more intentional and high vibrational life!


3. @hobopeeba

Proof that magic is real.


4. @karl_shakur

Next level wanderlust (and hilarious Instagram Stories) 🏔


5. @jedidiahjenkins

One of the great writers of our time, with a gift for articulating the ineffable.


6. @iamhertribe

Soulfully living and conveying the journey to oneself. 


7. @tessguinery

Author of the apricot memoirs. Aussie mama, artist and poet.


8. @hilvees

Sharing the beautiful adventures of her and her husband @eljackson


9. @susicruzz

The #vanlife adventures of the beautiful Susi! Check out her Youtube channel too!


10. @iambrillyant

A continual reminder to be true to yourself and practice self-love.


11. @jaiyajohn

He says it best: "stirring the soul to remember itself"

And there you have it! These are just a few of the many people that inspire me daily. Let me know who your favourite Instagram accounts are in the comments down below! xx