I am You and You are Me

As I was falling asleep last night, the awareness came that my entire body (and being) is composed of micro representations of the entirety of life and consciousness. Like each human consciousness (that is and has ever been) holds a representation in my body at a sub cellular level (you are in me and I in you). We are all different mixes and expressions of each other but within each of us is the whole - including all the other planets and life forms in the galaxy/Universe (and perhaps beyond…) 

The closer something is to us the greater it’s representation inside of us and similarly, the more acute our awareness of a certain part of the whole is, the greater it’s expression is within us. And in this way the macro lives breathes and is complete within the micro. This continues inward and outward indefinitely. 

This is also why the collective health depends on the individual and vice versa. We may rise to among the best of our kind but we are always tethered to the lowest and so it is in reverse. And so no one’s interest is vested outside of the other. Together we rise. We are all in this together and as we lift ourselves and love others all to the highest we amplify our ability to be and express [genius, greatness, perfection] as a collective and individually - infinitely. 

We will always contain the lowest and highest within us but we can all become so much more together as we rise.

[ note: In this case “rising” is an energy density shift, i.e. moving from incredibly dense energetic states with very little light to almost translucent, pure-light-awareness states which simply hold exponentially more creative power and intelligence than said lower, denser states (this is a logarithmic scale) ]

It should be remembered that we come from and exist as PURE LOVE fundamentally at our core - so what we’re really doing is raising the consciousness of this dream world and the human species. We ourselves are pure perfection coming from the Unchanging Perfect All-One. And so, this journey and expression of expanding and evolving humanity higher could be seen as creative one in the name of joy, life playing upon itself for fun so-to-speak. I mean, this is the creation and rise of God consciousness on the Earth plane, who wouldn’t want to be in on THAT!?