Awakening to Presence

Awakening to Presence pt. 1

You are awakened when your heart is your primary vision and the means + device through which you see the world. Awakening can occur in a moment. And must occur in many moments to build the kind of TRUE SIGHT that would last a lifetime. One knows one is headed in the right direction by the way you feel.

Moments of peace, clarity, satisfaction, excitement, enthusiasm and love are moments of true sight. True Sight is the witnessing of the real that rests, plays, moves and creates beyond “reality” and the world of confusion and illusion based on false ideals of separation and lack.

True sight is a witnessing of life’s symphonic orchestrating powers and delicate hand of overflowing love and wellbeing. True sight knows that all is well, life is a harmonic dance, every living being and particle has purpose and beauty, nothing has gone wrong, Life is a celebration of JOY and that only love is real. 

True sight sees beyond the veil into Life’s breath and rhythm and merges you with it; amplifying your awareness of it, and your power to “bring it” to those who are still caught in illusion. 

True sight is the inevitable outcome for all as the awakening gathers momentum and the collective rises to new ways with access to new insights, resources and internal power that merge Heaven and Earth to greater degrees than you ever knew possible. In ways they have never merged before. A perfect co-creative dance of energy and form, elevated to new levels of intensity, ability and functionality in every way!

A new world is coming, and you are right in thinking there will always be a ‘new world coming’, but to experience the crux, the pivot point and the flow from one to the next is very exciting. Enjoy it!