What is Judgement?

What is judgement?

Focusing with absolution bias and denial of opposite’s appropriateness.

Judgement is a colour and a filter that you put on to a neutral image/scene (formation of energy) that gives it a “colour” or mood. This mood is then referenced to your repository where you have been given and compiled a list of programs to evaluate it’s level of appropriateness (GOOD/BAD, RIGHT/WRONG) and therefore how you should feel about it and respond to it. 

Your inner being (highest Self) NEVER gives a judgement, but simply holds a pure point of focus upon what is wanted and allows all things to be with equal validness. Your perspectives distance from your Inner Being’s focus determines the level of comfort/discomfort when observing and judging both your own self and the world around you. To see anything as wrong, invalid or needing to be pushed against is a perceptual error and will likely cause discomfort (which many falsey attribute as caused by the subject itself).

We need not judge. Focusing can be done effectively without judgement - and instead through presence/attention. This occurs by holding space for all things to be and moving TOWARDS resonance. TOWARDS what you want and what feels best, based on the life experience you have lived and your core desires.