This is: Earthing [VIDEO]

For me, Earthing means taking time to connect to [my true] nature and find attunement to the great Oneness that unites and animates us all. There's no right way to do it, this connection can just as easily be found on a crowded street, a sandy beach, or in the eyes of your beloved. Each of us has a unique and perfect way of communing with the Divine.

I find this connection most easily through the wildness of the nature that surrounds me. And taking time each day to connect to the earth below, the sky above and the life around me helps me to find peace and alignment with my true being. Simply stepping out into the grass, feeling the coolness of it beneath my feet, listening for birds, watching and feeling the gentle presence and easy beingness of the flora and fauna around me. I have found and seen my own true face gazing back at me within every rock, pebble, flower and leaf. The One Being that is all beings ~ 

Though our Spirits hail from the Heavens, we are of this Earth and this Earth is of us. We are not in nature, we are nature.

Perfectly so.