On Darkness and LIGHT

There are two types of darkness:

  1. absence of Light, and

  2. resistance to Light.

The first is an open expanse. Imagine deep space. Simply existing. Open. Purely being. A black hole. A mothers womb. Potential energy to lights kinetic. The yin of the yang. Nights restoration to day’s jubilee. A necessary space for creation to take place.

The second is not true darkness but “FEAR” and the creations and ideas that come from it.

Be not afraid of true darkness. It is the open expanse from which we came and to which we shall return. Only to be birthed once again into the LIGHT.

Look to all the emotions, 

those the ego would deem dark 

and those the ego would deem LIGHT 

with an attitude of



Embrace them with a spirit of curiosity, 

knowing them as visitors. 

As artefacts of thought — 

which is your creative medium.

Which you can choose. 


As you rise above and 

SEE these emotions and sensations

you cannot help but love them.

For the ARE.

And this is good.


Every thing in creation exists in God 

and is with purpose - 

Including darkness.

This is our playground and 

we are Free to be.