10 Deep Soul Diving QUESTIONS with My Sister @KittyPlays!

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Here's the audio version of a youtube video Kristen and I filmed this week (inspired by Tim Ferriss' Tribe of Mentors Book)  while I've been visiting her in Vancouver! I made a list of 10 questions and we talk about all things life, success, finding happiness, invention ideas and how we create positive change in our lives!

Definitely give it a listen and I'd love it if you shared one or two of your answers in the comments down below :)

The Questions

ONE: What advice would your 80 year-old-self give to your now you?

TWO: In another life, what do you do? i.e. something outside your current scope or expertise that you think is just the coolest job.

THREE: If you could enact one law or cultural norm into society, what would it be?

FOUR: Where does your confidence come from? How can people generate more confidence and faith in themselves?

FIVE: What’s the craziest invention idea you’ve ever had? Is there something you wish existed that doesn’t yet exist?

SIX: Do you think people can change? How do you think people change?

SEVEN: from The Melissa Ambrosini Show, if you could add one book into the school curriculum, what would it be?

EIGHT: From Tim Ferriss, What purchase have you made in the last 6 months (under $100) that has drastically improved your life?

NINE: When do you feel most empowered/at your highest?

TEN: What quality do you most admire and appreciate in others?