5 Ways to Infuse MINDFULNESS into Your Nature Walk and Be More PRESENT

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1. Walk barefoot

You can watch my video about why I love going barefoot here. Not only does it feel amazing but there are tons of health benefits too! I especially love walking through creeks and squidgy mud.

Your feet may be more sensitive at first so bring along a pair of shoes just in case. Take them off where the ground is smooth or just spend some time standing in a creek letting the water flow over your feet and noticing the texture of the sand or river stones beneath your feet. Over time the soles of your feet will become more resilient and your steps will become more intuitive. Soon, you'll be able to walk as long as you like!

2. Hug a tree!

I like to thank the trees for providing me with oxygen and being a steady stable presence of beauty and majesty. As I'm hugging a tree I make sure my heart is pressed against it and take some time to just feel it's presence. Trees are masters of meditation and simply "being" where they are with total love and acceptance. They dance with the wind and celebrate the stillness. Try to feel this energy of acceptance, ease, and joy as you hug or place your palm against the tree and just soak it all in. You'll walk away feeling more loved and at peace.

3. Move with your body's energy

Rather than sticking to one pace, if you're feeling energetic: SPRINT - even if you don’t have your workout gear on! And if you're feeling relaxed, try walking slower than usual. Tune into the little details of leaves, flowers, the way the breeze sounds as it blows through the leaves. Maybe skip if you’re feeling particularly happy or do a little dance when no one's around ... and bonus points if they are because it's good to #shareyourjoy 😊

4. Explore new places  

Bushwhack, take a different trail or street, go somewhere new!! Going somewhere less familiar is a great way to become more fully aware in the present moment. PLUS you never know what kinds of wonderful surprises await you just around the river bend ~

5. Walk in silence

Try a silent moving meditation (even if you’re with another person) by really feeling each footstep on the ground and tuning in to the sights, sounds, sensations and smells around you. Engage your senses fully and feel the fullness and presence of the moment as you move and breathe. 

Khalil Gibran said it best in his book "The Prophet":


“Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don't claim them. Feel the artistry moving through and be silent.”


Nature is here for us, loving us, ready to support and nurture us in every moment. We are WAY more connected than we realize. And taking some time to tune in and slow down amplifies our awareness of this ever-present connection 🙏🏻

If you live in the city or don't have easy access to walking paths:

1. Buy some plants for your living space; spider plants and peace lilies are great air purifiers!

2. Use earthy essential oils like cedar or fir in your diffuser ~

3. Try a guided meditation like this one to connect to natures essence 🌿

Do you have your own special way or place to connect to nature? Did one of these speak to you more than the others? Let me know in the comments below!

With Love,