My ALL-NATURAL Skincare Routine!


Our skin is our largest organ and often acts as a reflection of our inner-body health and state of mind! A few years ago I began meditating and as I continued to meditate I found myself becoming more and more sensitive to harsh chemicals and scents. Many of the products I’d been using for years became almost unbearable (even the ones who marketed themselves as “natural”) and this sent me looking for gentle and natural alternatives that would keep my skin clear + nourished, AND are good for the environment!

I saw Dr. Bronner's on the shelf and was intrigued by the unique packaging and simple ingredient list. And what at first looked like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo written on the bottle actually contains a powerful message of unity and love. 


“Let him who is without fault throw the first stone, for only God is always perfect! So, when our fellow man you measure, take him at his best, with that lever lift him higher, overlook the rest! For we’re All-One or none!” - Dr. Bronner


My skin has improved *dramatically* over the past three years, and now it's common for me to get compliments like "You look so radiant!" and "Your skin is glowing!".  I believe vibrant skin is our birthright and I wanted to share my favorite products, tips, and tools with you! So without further ado, here is my daily skincare routine:


  1. Dr. Bronners Castor Oil Soap: I wash my face with Dr. Bronners every morning + evening (Tea Tree and Peppermint are my favorites!) Tip: Dr. Bronners is a multi-use soap, you can use it as a body wash, hand wash and to clean your house! I bring it with me everywhere I go!

  2. Rose Toner: I use a cotton pad to apply this toner after I wash my face and my God, is it ever HEAVENLY. The scent is amazing and within days of using it, I noticed my pores tightening, my skin tone evening and becoming smoother. It has become an essential part of my routine ever since!

  3. Coconut Oil: I apply the teeny tiniest bit of coconut oil for moisturizer and gently smooth it all over my face in circular motions. In the evenings I use a bit more for a deeper moisturizing treatment. The key is to use a virgin, unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil. I’ve noticed certain refined brands are more like to cause pore blockages than others. This brand is my go-to! Tip: if the unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil still gives you pimples, try almond oil!

  4. Rosewater Mist: To finish off I bathe myself in rosewater mist, I find it so utterly refreshing. This is a great aura cleanser too. And while that sounds a little woo-woo - just wait until you try it and feel the results for yourself! I spray myself when I wake up, after I’ve been on the computer for a few hours and before I go to bed. I focus the spray on my third eye, the top of my head, my heart, belly, and the back of my neck. I even spray my pillow!

  5. Evening Primrose Oil: It’s important to nourish your skin from the inside too. Evening primrose oil is a supplement that’s full of Omega 6’s and helps to balance hormones. This works wonders for our skin AND reduces PMS symptoms like cramping and moodiness (YIPEE!) I take ~2000mg/day.

All of these can be found at your local health food store :)

As you probably know, products are just part of the clear skin picture.

Up until a few years ago, I’d consistenly struggled with pimples, large pores, and patchiness. Choosing more natural products helped a lot but it still seemed like as soon as one pimple left another one cropped up no matter WHAT product I tried and especially around my period. For me, the answer wasn’t just products but lifestyle, diet, and state of mind. Here’s what made all the difference:


Meditation + Letting Go

This is a big one, guys! Stress is one of the biggest skin irritators/agitators around and by taking the time to meditate and/or breathe deeply + let go of tension daily, your skin will improve dramatically. Almost all body conditions can be traced back to an emotional cause and skin is no different. It’s important to remember vibrant health is our body's most natural state. By relaxing, meditating, and making sure to get a good nights sleep, we get out of our own way and let our bodies heal as they're designed to do. 



We all know this but seriously guys’ drink lots of water (with lemon ideally!) I drink more water than anyone else I know and this is one of my clear skin secrets.


DIET: more greens - refined sugar = clearer skin!

Keep refined sugar + palm oil (found in many chocolates) to a minimum and up your GREENS. I like to add parsley + chlorophyll and spinach to my smoothies. These act to clear heavy metals from the body and detoxify the liver. You’ll likely notice the whites of your eyes becoming whiter and your skin clearing when you start to do this!


Tell a new story.

Do you catch yourself saying things like:

“My skin is ALWAYS bad around my period.”

“This pimple is never going to go away.”

“Bad skin runs in my family” etc.

WELL STOP IT! Our bodies are always listening to our internal dialogue and responding accordingly. We are pure potential, my friends. So start telling a new story. It might go something like: 

“My skin is improving.”

“This is a temporary thing.”

“I’m taking the time to nourish and love on my skin.”

or an affirmation like: “I believe in my body’s ability to heal.”

“I embrace my skin, I listen to its messages"

"I trust I am guided to what I need to heal and clarify!”

“Vibrant, radiant skin is my birthright.”

Change your story, change your reality. Period.

The truth is, My skin still does act up occasionally, but now I take this as an indicator to lower my stress, drink more water, get my greens, lower my refined sugar + palm oil intake and LOVE UP ON MY SKIN :) 


I hope this was helpful for you! There was a time when I thought my skin would be less than ideal for the rest of my life. Now, I know that’s not true, and I believe everyone can restore their skin to its natural vibrancy!! May your skin be bright, clear and fresh. May you know the love, beauty, and radiance that you are.

I’d love it if you let me know your clear skin tips/routine in the comments below and feel free to share this with your friends who are looking for a little skin TLC!