The Beauty and Wonder of The Aloha Spirit!

The Spirit of Aloha is such a beautiful concept! It has many expressions but is commonly known as:

"The joyful sharing of life energy in the present" or simply, "Joyfully sharing life".

In old Hawaiian, it can be translated as "God in Us."

The word aloha is used as a greeting of "hello", "goodbye" and even "love"every day, but its true meaning is so much more: 

"It’s the guidelines of how to live – a life of Aloha is one when the heart is so full it is overflowing with the ability to influence others around you with your spirit." - Makena Charters

By living and sharing the Spirit of Aloha it is believed that you become tuned to the Universal Power (Source Energy) called "mana" which is the secret to attaining true health, happiness, and success! 

Being in Hawaii, you can really feel the Spirit of Aloha. People are warm and kind, they embrace life and celebrate the beauty of nature and each other. People move slow and enjoy the day as it is.

One way to live the Spirit of Aloha is to bless everything and anything that represents what you want. When you see friendship, beauty, success, love etc. bless it as it and be thankful for it's existence. For example, "That's a beautiful sunset" or  "I am grateful we live in a society with such a robust economy!". Blessing is good because it help orient your mind in a positive direction which increases creativity, it also moves your energy and focus in an outward direction and allows more "mana" or Universal Power to flow through you and bypass any insecurities or blocks to greater abundance and energy!

By recognizing and giving emphasis to the positive qualities, conditions and characteristics you desire, you will increase their presence in your own life via the law of attraction. Not to mention you will feel a lot better because love and appreciation are our most natural states of being.

If you feel like it, you can give The Aloha Spirit a try for a day. Bless and appreciate all that is beautiful and inspiring around you and see how your day transforms!

May your day be full of Aloha! ✨