How-to Amplify how #BLESSED You Are


Most people have heard about the power of gratitude and appreciation, but not everybody realizes just how powerful it is.

Like, LIFE CHANGING, powerful.

It’s not just an act of counting your blessings to be a better, more grateful person — it can actually change the quality of your life — BIG TIME.

The Difference between Gratitude and Appreciation

First, it’s important to distinguish the subtle difference between gratitude and appreciation.

Gratitude is a more comparative experience.

For example, you can be grateful to have clean water as opposed to dirty water.

Appreciation, on the other hand, is all about savouring the inherent worth and qualities of something.

For example, if you are appreciating clean water, you are acknowledging it’s wonderfully refreshing qualiy and taste, as well as the sensation of your enjoyment of it — without highlighting the lack of it in any way.

When it comes to Law of Attraction this makes all the difference! This is why I usually make a “list of things I appreciate” rather than a gratitude list.

NOTE: Both are excellent practices! One isn’t better than the other, there is just an ever so slight difference in the feel or “vibration" of each one.

Why Appreciation Matters

By spending more of your time thinking about what you appreciate in your life; like the friendly mail woman, the sounds of the birds in the morning, getting a really good idea for something, morning coffee, a good book, a hard laugh, the feeling of looking forward to something, relaxing in the sunshine… etc. you literally create and attract more of those things into your experience. These good things will literally begin “crowding out” the not so good feeling things in your experience. The very word appreciation means to add value or increase! I promise you this works. Our thoughts are so powerful. They are the creative fuel for our life experience, and by focusing more on what feels really good to you, you get more of that! The better it gets, the better it gets. 

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” ― Voltaire

I have an on-going “Appreciation” file in my notes app where I write my list each day. I don’t set a target number or anything, but it usually ends up being about 10-20 things in the morning and then I come back to it before bed and add more.

I’ve noticed my day goes A LOT better when I remember to do this - and since life is just a series of moments, by having more good feeling ones, you’re literally creating a better feeling life! One that satisfies and excites you. A life you enjoy!

If this practice resonates with you, give it a try! Make sure to do it “your way”. For example, if mornings are a little rushed, you can do it on your lunch break or in the evening. Even just thinking of 1-3 things you appreciate will make a big difference in your life and just keep going for as long as it feels good to you! 

Sending Sunshine! 🤗☀️