3 Ways to Balance Your Left and Right Brain Hemispheres


Each of us have two brain hemispheres responsible for different aspects of how we receive, process, and transmit energy.

The right brain hemisphere is associated with creativity, intuition, emotion and abstract thought and is represented by the feminine, yin energy of life.

The left brain hemisphere is associated with being analytical, methodical, objective, and discriminating and is represented by the masculine, yang energy of life.

Maintaining a harmonic balance between the two hemispheres of the brain stimulates the mind, expand its processing power, and creates balance and harmony within.

shifting the Balance

Until the last decade or so, the collective consciousness has valued and operated predominately from the left-hemisphere of the brain. As demonstrated the industrial revolution, top-down organizational structures, and the focus upon efficiency and output within the workforce.

Fortunately, in the last few years, the importance of activating our right-brain is (especially with regards to creativity and emotional intelligence) has been remembered. This realization has coincided with, and is connected to, the uprising of feminine energy. Together these movements are bringing to light the importance of activating and expressing both aspects within each of us - expanding not only our potential to think and create, but our ability to connect with each other.

When both hemispheres are in balance we can be analytical yet open-minded. Intuitive and logical. In-touch with our emotions, yet able to remain objective. This ability to balance and bounce between the polarities allows us to thrive in a changing world, succeed in the face challenge, and most importantly: create new ways of being and living together in greater harmony.

While each of us may be dominant in one or the other, all of us have the potential to harmonize these to aspects of ourselves and express our full potential.

balancing exercises:

  1. Slowly roll your eyes from left to right in a circular motion without straining them.

  2. Lift your knees as you walk, touching your right palm to your left knee and your left palm to your right knee as you do.

  3. Sit outside and focus on listening to your left each for a few breaths and then focus on listening from your right ear for a few breaths. After a few rounds of this, focus your attention on the centre of the brain illuminating it with your awareness for a few moments.

These exercises are from Barbara Marciniak’s wonderful book: Path of Empowerment. and can be repeated as often as feels natural to you.

Another way to balance these energies is through the breath. I have a guided meditation HERE for balancing your yin and yang energy to bring greater clarity and emotional balance to your body and mind ☺️

NOTE: the techniques listed above are physical ways to harmonize and connect the two brain centres. However, you may also do it internally by giving yourself permission to be both strong and soft. By accepting that you are both intellectual and artistic. By allowing your mind to daydream in the abstract and then choosing to actualize those dreams in reality.

And no matter what anybody has told you about who you are, and what you’re capable of, remember:

you are both, and you are beyond.

Journal Prompts

  1. Do you feel predominantly more left-brained or right-brained?

  2. Does it change based on your environment?

  3. Has it changed as you’ve grown older?

  4. What do you envision the balanced version of yourself looks like?

  5. Describe how they look, move, and act within the world.