I wrote this poem for you from the perspective of Source, God, the Universe. I feel strongly that all of us have Love at our centre, and beyond the illusion of fear and the landscape of time, that’s what remains - eternally so. This is what God knows.

I love you. 

I love you when you’re angry, 

I love you when you’re sad, 

I love you when you're really, really, really, really bad. 

I love you when you smile and 

I love you when you hate -

this love goes on forever, every moment 

of every day.

I love you when you shout, sing, curse, hit, 

and hug. I love you, 


whether you’re an artist or a thug, 

in truth, there is none so bad 

and good as you, for 

in your great breadth you

contain the multitudes.

Oh, how I love you.

I love you when you say the wrong thing, 

and when you make a mistake, 

I love you when you forget to say thank-you, 

when you're despondent, when you’re late. 

it makes no difference to me, child,

don’t you see?

This love flows free.

I love how you show up in every single way, 

with your shame, your games, 

the way you sing, dance, and sway. 

My perfect creation, 

you are you, ever-changing and

perfectly made.

It's right how you are, how you feel, 

how you play. 

Be crazy, be wild, 

be simple, be plain, 

I'll still love you as a sun gazes upon 

a most brilliant ray. 

You, perfectly, you -

in every single way. 

[I love you.]