How-to Create a Vision Board PART 1: Create a vision

A vision board is a POWERFUL tool you can use to focus and direct your energy upon what you’d like to attract into your life!

Your thoughts and imagination are your creative medium - and by combining the two to create a picture of what you’d like to create, you increase the amount of energy flowing in that direction. And this is how you manifest your dreams! 🌟

The first key step to creating a vision board is to have and KNOW your vision, for yourself, your life, your purpose etc.

Getting crystal clear on who and how you want to be in the world is crucial!

Which leads me to Step 1: ENVISION.



Let yourself relax as you listen to this meditation and begin to form a picture in your mind of who and how you desire to be in this lifetime!

Create a Vision for you Life || @purelylucy
Create a Vision for Your Life || @purelylucy


Now using the vision from your meditation as inspiration, grab your journal and answer these questions. You’ll use your answers as a guiding force when it comes to finding pictures and words to add to your board!

Journal Questions

  1. who are you becoming?

  2. what does your life look like?

  3. Where are you?

  4. what are you doing?

  5. what are the core qualities you express?

  6. what are you creating?

  7. where are you travelling?

  8. what do you do for fun?

  9. who are you with?

  10. what are your friends like?

  11. how do you feel everyday?


We all have “Main” Categories for our Lives that act as the frame for our vision. These are mine:

  • who and how I am in this world, my energy and vibe

  • my purpose (work)

  • health + wellbeing

  • relationships

  • home

  • adventures!

You can use these or feel free to add more or fewer categories/change them - just make sure to tailor them so they suit YOU!

Step 4: Go Deeper

On a sheet of paper or in a notes document - write your categories out and start to add words and qualities to each one. For example, for travel and adventures I wrote:

Envision: Travel + Adventures

Do this for each category as a way to create a clearer picture of what you’d like to include. Let your imagination run wild - get to the CORE of what really matters to you and more importantly, what excites you!

And voila, there you have it! Excellent work my friend. Your vision is ready to come to life! ✨

Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s post (PART TWO: Putting Your Vision to Paper) where I’ll be getting in to the nitty gritty of how to bring your vision not only to paper, but to LIFE!

In the meantime, use this week as a time to crystallize your vision and get super clear on it. Spend time each day visualizing it in your mind so you’re ready for part two! 🌟

Some materials you may want to collect in the mean time:

  1. scissors

  2. glue stick

  3. canvas, construction paper or poster board (size is up to you!)

  4. tape

  5. markers/paint/pens/glitter and other decorative materials that make you happy

  6. 3-5 of your favourite magazines (that embody the YOU and LIFE you’re creating)

  7. a Pinterest account to browse and collect images. This can be the “online” version of your vision board!

  8. Access to a colour printer if you can!

How-to Create a Vision Board || @purelylucy

See you next Tuesday, Love!

- Lucy

How-to Create a Vision Board || Part 1 @purelylucy