This moment matters.

There is something very important going on in every moment - and that is LIFE. The very reality of being alive that we so often forget as we dwell in the mental imaginings of past and future thought. But to tap back into the awareness and really see: “here I am, right now, right this now, a living breathing extension of life.” brings us back to the truth of reality and puts us in our power.

This present moment is where we create our reality. It is our point of power and the only place that change can be made.

“If not now, when?” is indeed never - and until one chooses now - it will not be.

In order to claim and utilize the creative power of our present, we must begin to make the in-the-moment connection between our current thoughts, mood and energy and what we are literally creating and drawing into our lives as life continues to unfold in front of and from us.

To simplify this, in any given moment (including this one!) we are either in a state of Love or fear.

Love vs. fear

[fear is simply a forgetting of the Love that you eternally are, a blindness to truth and the reason it feels so bad is because it goes against your very nature of being!]

Love heals, Love restores, Love makes all things new in an instant and is ALWAYS here for us. Within us, surrounding us, available to be chosen, lived, known, and acted upon in every moment.

We are literally writing the next page of our story with our now; nothing is set in stone unless we make it so and no signal sent out comes back void.

As a thought is continued (or simply not contradicted with the lack of it) it gathers momentum and corresponding ideas, opportunities, and manifestations that match the larger momentum as it grows.

And so if there is anything you wish to create in your life it must be chosen now. Choose greater health now. Choose greater confidence now. Choose to believe in a bigger and better tomorrow… now.

Start small. Begin with your mind, your thoughts, your attitude - create the feel of it within you - and let the momentum build around you.

And remember - it’s not the subject that’s important, but the way your feel as you think about it. You could be thinking about a a vacation in a state of excitement and anticipation or lack. Feeling the presence of it calls the presence, feeling the absence of it calls lack thereof.

“Thoughts create things, our words are our wings.” - Mike Dooley

Sending Love from my heart to yours,