The Blooming of IDEAS 🌻

I was thinking about why some ideas come to pass and others remain in the “non-physical” realm of thought and imagination - and this visual is what came to me. I call it “the blooming of ideas!”

Seeds planted today and nourished with LOVE must grow into blooms bearing fruit.

Within the seed of the idea is EVERYTHING it needs to be realized 🌱

The Blooming of IDEAS ||

All that is necessary is a willingness to believe in the idea, and a continual focus upwards towards the its full realization. Good soil is essential.

A cluttered mind or nay-sayer attitude will never allow the seed to sprout. We must believe in the power and rightness of our dreams - and allow the support and inspired “next steps” to come as necessary - having Faith all the while that it will come to be!

I truly believe that inspired ideas - the ones that come as an “AHA!” “OMG YES that would be amazing!” come from the collective desire of the entire human race - and if the idea has come to you - it means you have been chosen as the channel for its realization on behalf of everyone. It is no mistake that it came to YOU. So do yourself and all of us a favour and bring it to LIFE!

As Marie Forleo says: “The world needs that special gift that only you have.”

May your ideas bloom into the beautiful blossoms and great gardens you were born to create!

I believe in you.

With Love,


The Blooming of Ideas || @purelylucy