3D → 5D

What is 5D?

The fifth dimensional reality is a symbol for a more expanded way of living. Where higher dimensional light codes have been activated and assimilated into the DNA - and have expanded not only what you see and sense; but who you are, or rather, your understanding of who you are and how you fit into the larger picture of life.

It is the awareness of: “I AM LOVE - WE ARE ONE.” lived fully and expressed in each moment.

5D enters the dimension beyond dimensions. You become light-hearted (quite literally) as you expand into your true love nature - existing more as light than form. Completely transmutable and transformable as you desire to so be it. Oneness is a given and you see all things/beings as an extension of you. Wholly lovable and perfect as you know yourself to be. Existing in a sea of pure being and light consciousness with unlimited creative power and expanse to expand and create into.

It is what many refer to as the “Ascension”: a global shift in consciousness creating a new Heaven and a new Earth, and it is occurring now.