How-to Create a Vision Board PART 2: Putting Your Vision to Paper

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out PART 1: CREATING A VISION before you begin. Otherwise, let’s get started!

It’s party time 🌟

How-to Create a Vision Board: Part 2 || @purelylucy


Hop on over to Pinterest, create a secret board called “My VISION” (or something like that) and start gathering photos and ideas from around the web (if you get the browser extension you can pin directly from any webpage!) 🙌🏻

Pin anything that sparks a YES in your gut and feels in powerful alignment with your vision! Print out these images to glue/tape/tack on to your vision board.

If you don’t have a colour printer - you can also head to your local bookstore or grocery store and grab a handful of magazine to clip from! 

Start to organize your images, paying special attention to the ones that make your insides sparkle and dance with YES I WANT THIS, THIS IS WHO I AM! 

How-to Create a Vision Board || @purelylucy
How-to Create a Vision Board || @purelylucy


Ok, this is the part where you can really start to get creative!

Grab some poster paper or a big canvas*, assemble your materials, and start laying out your images! 

*If access to either of these is challenging - you can also keep it as a “virtual” vision board on Pinterest in the mean time, or make one on photoshop or Canva and then set it as your desktop background! (in fact, I recommend doing this anyway!)

BUT WAIT, first things first: turn on your music, get some snacks, and grab some friends (furry or otherwise). I mean, might as well make it a PARTAY!

How-to Create a Vision Board || @purelylucy
How-to Create a Vision Board || @purelylucy
How to Create a Vision Board Part 2 || @purelylucy

Begin to organize your images and words onto the canvas - and know that there’s no right way to do this! You can organize them into columns and categories like I have OR just put them on wherever you feel inspired to and create one big cohesive collage-like picture!

We are all unique. For example, I love symmetry and balance, that’s part of who I am and I incorporated that into my board. But if you love wild colours and chaos - incorporate that! If you prefer simplicity and monotones - incorporate that! Maybe you’ll just have one image in the centre of your board that says it all.

You know you best, so let it be true to you. 

How-to Create a Vision Board: Part 2 || @purelylucy

You can add pompoms, plane tickets, pressed flowers - this is YOUR vision. 

I choose to use paint pens to write the words - and created a border of words that inspire and delight me. Alternatively you could cut out or print words, use sharpies, markers, gel pens, glitter, stickers, post-its  — whatever! 

What’s most important is the energy and feel of it are in alignment with your vision.

“Thoughts become things, our words give us wings.” - Mike Dooley

Here is mine! (so far…)

How-to Create a Vision Board: Part 2 || @purelylucy

I really took my time (about 2 weeks of spending 20 minutes here and there working on it) and I still plan on adding more as new thoughts and ideas arise.

Let your vision be a living, evolving thing - if new things start to speak to you, add them on! If you achieve something or it no longer feels relevant - take it off.

REMEMBER: You are the creator of your reality and the more you focus upon what you desire and align with the energy of it, the more you bring it into your experience!

Keep your vision board somewhere you can see it everyday and make sure not to just look at it - but really FEEL IT and find small ways to bring the essence of it into you daily experience. ✨

I  believe in you. I believe in your dreams. 

With so much Love and Faith!


PS: I would love nothing more than if you shared your vision board with me! Either tagging me in a post on Instagram or sending it privately over DM!

How-to Create a Vision Board PART 2! ||