Just Do It!

Just Do it! @PurelyLucy

Do you ever hear an exciting concept that you know would benefit you - like keeping a gratitude journal or drinking bone broth, and think “yeah, that sounds awesome!” and then go about your day/life as usual.

Yeah, me too!

More and more though, I’m trying to really bring my dreams and ideals into my now moment. And make the change right here. As in, this very moment. Right now as you’re reading this! 

This moment is the only place we can change our lives. If we want to start a new habit or change our lifestyle in order to create a better feeling reality, it has to begin here and now. In fact, it must begin here and now. 

And because of that, as I listened to this beautiful audio on the power of generating inner sunshine (for the third time!) I realized I was doing just that, listening. And nodding my head, without actually practicing it or making it real for myself. Which, funnily enough, leads to very little actual change or transformation. 

The proof is in the pudding as they say. And I was just reading the recipe over and over and over. 

And because of this realization, I asked myself: “how can I practice this right now?” and came up with a list of ideas! I wanted to share it with you, but I encourage you to make your own personalized list too. It doesn’t even have to be about creating happiness. It just has to relate to practical ways you can start to live an aspiration you have (health, fitness, financial, relational, etc.) right here and now 😊

The list I created is simply a collection of practical ways to bring the joie de vivre I aspire to live, into an every day way of being rather than a concept. Things I can do right now. 

The secret here (I’ve learned…) is to ACTUALLY DO THESE THINGS, and so I’m actually taking the time to do each one as I write it out! Here we go!

  1. Smiling and breathing deeply.

  2. Singing and dancing as I move about. Listening to SUNSHINE music !

  3. Noticing and listing (written or aloud) the treasures that are around me right now.

  4. Looking at my dogs 🐶

  5. Touching a flower with my third eye. As I do this, I say: “We are alive, how wonderful, thank-you for being.”

  6. Browsing my Pinterest Vision board and really feeling the emotions of each picture and articulating why it inspires me.

  7. Stretching and smiling. I like to interlace my hands together above my head, palms facing the sky, and stretch up and back - doing a slight back bend and then side to side stretch - I find it always refreshes me!

  8. Checking-in with how I feel (both physically and emotionally) and consciously witnessing, breathing, softening and releasing tension.

  9. Playing the positive “What if?” game for what’s to come/anything I’m worried about. Example: “What if [x, y, z] is even better, easier, and more fun than I could ever imagine?”

  10. Breathing in my Inner Light, exhaling and expanding it around me. Generating and opening my awareness of the Sunshine within. 

  11. Doing and creating and thinking and feeling and cooking and moving from place to place as my Highest Self would do it.

Ok that was fun. And while it took me longer than usual to write, I actually feel HAPPIER after writing this than when I began! Delicious pudding indeed 😂

So tell me, what is it that you aspire to do, be, or have? And how can you start to live that HERE and NOW? Don’t put off making a list for later, and don’t let another minute go by where you aren’t incorporating it in some way! Just do it. Now. 

This is how we live our dreams 💛