Intuitive Grocery Shopping

With so many products, diets, and opinions out there, it can be challenging to know what to buy and eat! Luckily, each of us have our own internal guidance system that’s wired to know what’s of benefit to us and what will cause us harm.

intuitive grocery shopping

Intuitive Grocery Shopping

Each of us are born with an internal guidance system offering us constant feedback about what is benefiting us and what is harming us. Our body is giving us signals every moment of every day. And all that’s required to hear these signals is a moment of slow down, centring, and tuning-in to the messages you’re receiving.

As a general rule for decision making:

Expansion, lightness, spaciousness (no matter how subtle) mean YES.

Contraction, resistance, tightening mean no.

And so instead of bringing a list to the grocery store next time you go shopping see if you can use this same system of asking your body what you need to thrive and feel balanced and energized. I like to walk up and down the isles and notice what lights up for me (you can ask on behalf of others as well!). I’ll scan an isle either with my eyes or running my hand across it (leaving a few centimetres of space between my hand and the shelf) and notice where I feel an expansion or lightening within my body. I use this as a signal of benefit.

I love using this method when choosing between brands too. I slowly move my attention from one product to the next and notice where I feel the lightening. I know my inner-being knows I care about the integrity of the product as well as the health within it. And I trust that my guidance will lead me to the one made with the most love and respect for both the environment and everyone who was a part of bringing that product to shelf from inception, to harvest, to packaging and transport. 

I’ve found shopping this way to be nothing short of miraculous. Sometimes I’ll gather what seems to be a random assortment of ingredients, but when I’m browsing Pinterest later that day I’ll come across a mouth-watering recipe and realize I have all the ingredients for it thanks to my intuitive shopping!

Tuning into this wisdom simply requires an open mind and the ability to slow down and tune into your body and spirit’s guidance. 

Putting it Into Practice

As you sit here, take a moment to breathe deeply. Place your hand over your heart. Ask you body: what do I need? What would create vitality, wellness, and vibrancy within me? And listen for the answer. It may come in the form of an image, word, or feeling. Don’t worry if an answer doesn’t come right away. It may even come in a few hours, via a friends random comment or an article on the web! You’ll know it when it does.

Above all, make sure to trust and follow through with your answer, whether it be a handful of cilantro, more water, or marshmallows! Your body knows what you need.

Beyond the produce isle

This way of decision making isn’t just for grocery shopping and can be extended to making decisions about whether or not to take a trip, go on a date, which movie to watch or whether or not to buy that cute sweater! It knows no bounds. All that’s required is slowingggggg down, breathing, and tuning into your intuition and body-wisdom. 

Remember: everything you need is within you and you are guided and supported in every moment of every day. Listen. 

With so much Love,


Intuitive Grocery Shopping @purelylucy
Intuitive Grocery Shopping @purelylucy