The Vibrational Nature of Food

Everything is vibration. We are vibration. And so is our food!


Our Vibration can be seen as our current state of being or “mood” in any given moment. The “higher” our vibration, the happier we feel and the more personal power we have. The more personal power we have, the more able we are to live and create the life of our dreams!

What’s cool is that each and every food has an energy signature and vibration, just like we do! And we can use what we eat to raise our vibration. 

As a general rule: the “closer” the food is to the earth, the higher the vibration. So fresh organic fruits and veggies picked ripe are just FULL of good vibrations. It does get a little more complicated though since how the food is grown, picked, and treated all have an effect on the final outcome too. 


For example, if the tomato is grown by someone looking to make a quick buck and they pump it full of water and use ethane gas to artificially ripen it, it may look beautiful but it’s actual vibration is not as high as you’d expect. And on the flip side, if your Grandma makes a five cheese lasagna and pours so much love and appreciation into it as she cooks it - then it might just cure your cold, or at the very least make you very happy! And happiness is ALWAYS good for your health, if not the main source of it!

Because of this, it’s important to use our intuition when selecting food, rather than rules or the current trends of healthy eating. Your body knows best for you and will tell you via your intuition and inner sensation. As a way to sense what you need, hold the food in your focus and notice if you feel: expansion (yes) or contraction (no).

When it comes to vibration, like attracts like. This why we reach for so-called comfort foods and vices when we are feeling “down”. But if we’re feeling crappy and we reach for the chips (generally, low-vibe) that will only further promote our state of un-satisfied being. On the flip-side, if we reach for something full of life - maybe cut up some orange slices or a grapefruit - we’ll instantly feel the lightening and uplifting nature of these foods! Thereby shifting our vibration higher, putting us in a more empowered state where we’re able to create positive change and experiences in all areas of our life.


All this being said, we shouldn’t underestimate our the power of our own vibration to affect our food!

Inherent vibration aside, It’s crucially important that YOU are in alignment with your food. If you believe something is “bad” for you and you still eat it, you’re basically saying to your body, “I don’t value you or your wellbeing.” which causes harm to the body. But if you really, truly believe it’s ok to each chocolate cake and a hamburger and be healthy *sans guilt* then your body will continue to thrive under this diet!

While food is powerful in and of itself, our point of attraction and belief about it will always hold a stronger influence*. Author of “Anatomy of The Spirit” Caroline Myss explains this well: 

“You can be a vegetarian and run six miles a day, but if you are in an abusive relationship, or hate your job, or have daily fights with your parents, you are losing energy—or power—in a pattern of behavior that can lead to illness or prevent your healing from an illness. On the other hand, if you are spiritually centered and call back your energy from negative beliefs, you can eat cat food and still stay healthy.”

All real and lasting change in our life and our health begins within us! We are our central point of attraction. So if we get it right on the inside (i.e. nourishing a healthy and positive state of mind), the outside (our body and health) must rise to meet us there. By facilitating positive energy within ourselves, we’ll naturally be more inspired to eat foods and engage in activities (like yoga and weight training) that have positive effects on the body.

As an added daily practice, I try to remember to bless and thank my food as I cook. You can also take a moment to pray over or thank your meal (and everyone who played a part in getting it to your plate from seed to shelf)! I guarantee you’ll digest it better and receive more benefit from it. 

Wishing you a totally high vibe day full of high-vibe yummy feel-good food!


*If you want to learn more about how our words and thoughts effect our water, food, and environment - make sure to check out Dr. Emoto’s book, “Hidden Messages in Water” or simply google his research!