Hello, Love!

I'm Lucy, a yoga-loving, happy-dancing, lifestyle creative living in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia! I feel most inspired when I'm outdoors in the sunshine, walking barefoot, or meditating in my garden.

I'm incredibly passionate about understanding how the Universe works and using the power of thought and belief to shape our experience. I almost always have at least three books on the go!

You'll find everything here from guided meditations and mindfulness practices, to travel videos, book recommendations, and my latest journal entry.

I’m so glad you’ve decided to join me here. Don’t hesitate to reach out and say hi!

About Purely Lucy

Guided Meditations

Meditation is a journey inward. It is a practice of activating the infinite, tapping into the timeless, and discovering the truth of who you really are: Love.

It’s a daily practice of tuning in that allows you to recharge your body and mind, while creating space so you may move from habitual living to inspired being.

All that’s required is this: slow down & be still.

I know it can be challenging at first to quiet your mind and arrive in this space. And that’s where I come in!

Each guided meditation is created with the intention of holding space for you to open your heart and let the good you so deserve in. A space to connect to your true being and discover the Love that you are.


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